Snow. Slush. Rain. Create.

I was going to write about the snow (I had actually started this post yesterday but never finished it) and how it had snowed for 3 days on a row but it is now raining. Slush is now taking its place. So, what do I write about now? Well, I’m still thinking about starting a second blog. More of a filing system of a blog so I can house all my creative instructions and recipes that I use. I have found recently that I’ve got a ton of bookmarks that don’t work anymore – recipes deleted or moved and creative projects that have vanished in to the blue nowhere. This way I can write up the recipes and log my creations with photos so in the future if I feel like making something again I have an easy place to find them. Sure, I could use Google Documents for this and I sure do for a lot of things but I feel with a blog I will make me keep it more up-to-date.

Making it more of a project, something I can really get my teeth in to. Maybe this way, instead of harping on about liking a more creative way of making money, the new blog might give me an idea of what my passion is in the art and design world. Of course, I could go back in to window dressing or Visual Merchandiser as the role is called now but it has been almost two decades since I trained at college to do that. Also, I need to be a bit more disciplined in spending my time being creative, even if it for 30 minutes a day and maybe not be such a perfectionist. That is my main problem with sewing – I will make something and then pick at it for flaws (many of which friends say they can’t see) and spend a good amount of time unpicking stitches. The fear of being mediocre at most things puts me off from starting but I guess I won’t know until I do start. Putting pen to paper is what it is really all about…


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