A whole lotta of Christmas stuff

With just over two weeks until Christmas Day I’ve been busy getting everything done and dusted. At least, trying to get everything done. I always have good intentions to get everything done before December but every year I’m doing something a week before the big day. I’m sure this is why I dislike it so much. Admittedly, getting ready for this year hasn’t been as bad as past years – I think last year was pretty shit. Being at home as helped tons though it also means I have tried to make more stuff like fabric bags. I’m pleased that all the cards were written a few weeks ago and I posted them all yesterday except for one to Denmark. Just keep putting off queuing up at the Post Office for a few hours. All the gifts have been purchased and nearly all of them have been wrapped and gift tagged. Yes, I know I was trying to do a no-waste Christmas but I’m using up all the left-over wrap and ribbons/tags from last year.

Things left to do are sew some bias-tape for the drawstring bags, finish wrapping the last of the presents, fill the stockings and make Christmas puddings, mincemeat and chutneys. Extras for the making are Peppermint Bark, Stollen (hopefully), fudge, chocolate truffles and cranberry relish. Then, of course, we are away straight after Boxing Day for a week so I would like to make some food to take with us like cheese and onion pasties and Cornish pasties for the meat eaters. I kind of wish we were away for the whole of Christmas or just at home but that won’t happen soon unless we move far far away. Chocolate and a few drinks will make it all good anyhow – that is the plan.


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