On the box

For the past few weeks I’ve been watching Twin Peaks series two and it has been wonderful! As a teenager of the 90s I watched both series’s (grammar??) in my bedroom on the old portable TV that I had been given by my Nan. Push buttons and no remote control. Last year I got series one on DVD but series two is only available in the States, well it was last time I checked on Amazon. Then last month I discovered that the Horror channel was showing the whole of series two so I set up the Sky box to record series two and since then I have been gradually watching them. Unfortunately my husband isn’t that keen on it, I think he just doesn’t get it, though there are parts that I just don’t get either but that is what makes it so good and different. There is just so much rubbish on TV these days – I dislike soap operas and all these music competitions but with the genius of Sky+ I can tape the programmes that I like and watch them at a more convenient time (all the odd stuff from BBC 2 and BBC 4).

I’m now bored with writing about TV – dull at is it so lets have a recap on what I’ve been doing lately. Well, I’ve not been out the house much lately – part anxiety, part snow but today was much better. A quick trip out to see some friends very briefly helped and after that I took the dog for a walk over the fields that back on to road next to ours. Admittedly it looked lovely over there but I’m thinking now that I left it a bit late in the afternoon to go over there on my own as dusk was falling. Still I like to think that I live in a safe area. Tomorrow will be busy and I really need to get my act together. Ironing needs to be done. Packing for new year trip needs to done. Cranberry Relish needs to be made and I would like to make ginger snaps for my family as a gift. Tidying up the house would be nice as well and of course I have some work to do in the morning. I’m trying not to stress about it all. A good nights sleep would help but I’m not counting on that much!


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