Tis Friday!

Ooh, it feels like it is a Manhattan Friday kind of post. Basically I just ramble on about something and nothing while drinking a Manhattan. So, yesterday was my birthday and I’m getting ever closer to the dark side (that would be my forties). I had a nice day, even doing some work in the morning was okay. My parents popped round briefly before I was out with a couple of friends for lunch. My anxiety about going out was still there first thing in the morning but once I was at the restaurant I felt fine. I believe my mind is confusing excitement with fear presently. A fun time was had by all and I only got a small grilling about my shriveling eggs and babies (it has been a while since I last had that type of grilling admittedly). After lunch I took the dog for a walk which was nice and when I got back I chilled out on the sofa with the laptop and listened to a load of music, mainly from the BBC Sound of 2011 list. Take away curry for dinner and a few beers finished off the day quite nicely.

I got quite a lot of nice presents from various friends, family and my husband. A few good books (one on astronomy, Cath Kidston – Make, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and John Fowles – The Tree), a cookery book, lots of chocolate which is kind of mean as I’m trying to lose weight, three pairs of jeans, a decorated martini glass, an address book and some soap/bubble bath (tin and glass packaging as well, it is great that my friends are listening to my zero waste/no-plastic ramblings). Tomorrow I’m entertaining the whole of the in-laws with a spot of Afternoon Tea and on Sunday my parents are over for a roast dinner. Lots of cooking and baking this weekend in a very terribly British way. Happy Friday everyone!


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