The whole album

Only one quick thing today. I decided to watch the news this morning while eating my breakfast. The question of “do you listen to a whole album?” came up. It said that no-one listens to whole albums anymore because of online music, shuffle and playlist options on iPods and the choice of being able to buy one or two songs from an album. On the TV it showed a Sunday club set in a pub that plays a whole classic album. A vinyl album too. David Bowie. All very nice but and there is always a but when I’m writing, they hadn’t asked me or some of my friends who I know will listen to a whole album. The presenters on the BBC seemed to imply that no-one has listened to a whole album in decades. Heck, I listened to four albums completely this afternoon while I was cooking and yesterday at least two. Of course, there are days when I shuffle the music as well. Journalism really is one-sided at times or just plain lazy these days just like the article I read earlier that seemed to come straight from the pages of Wikipedia. Long live the album, I say!

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