This life…

This Life was a great television programme that I used to watch in the 90s about a group of friends but not in a sitcom way like ‘Friends’. This was much more gritty with swearing and whatnot. It kind of reflected what life is all about with its ups and downs. Some people are better are dealing with the downs and others are not. Some are rubbish at dealing with the ups as well. I’ve been pretty bad at dealing with the downs for the past year or so and even while I’m STILL on the waiting list for some CBT, my friends gave me a prep talk that I need to get my anxiety sorted once and for all. We started talking about a few things I should start with like ringing the NHS mental health people about the CBT and then make an appointment at my doctors. One of my friends said she would come with me, which is really nice especially with my acute fear of doctors. This appointment may help get the CBT pushed forward and maybe I should get my blood checked (low blood sugar etc).

That got me thinking about the whole anxiety/sugar debate that I have seen on the internet. Maybe cutting out sugar is the way to go which could be good for losing weight too but life without good quality dark chocolate and beer or Manhattans would be very hard. I’m thinking a good starting point is to cut out sugar during the day and cut back on the chocolate/alcohol in the evenings for a while. Though I don’t drink alcohol during the week so I just need to cut down at the weekends. I can bake cakes without sugar by adding honey or agave nectar instead and I can do without biscuits. It is the hidden sugar that will be hard – tomato sauce, bread, chutneys and of course jam. Oh, how I will miss jam on a warmed crumpet. While I’m on the subject of food I’m always going to try eating little but more often so the blood sugar levels don’t get too low and also eat more fruit. I love vegetables but feel the need to eat more fruit. I have a banana as a mid-morning snack and I’ve been experimenting with different fruits in the afternoon.  This week so far I have had a red grapefruit and an avocado. Hmmm, love avocados. I think tomorrow I will cook down some apples and for Friday I’ve got some blackberries in the freezer. So that is my life at the moment, full of anxiety, worry and limiting my sugar intake. Time to start thinking more positivity as well methinks 🙂


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