Still here

I’m still here. I’m just being very quiet on the blog front. Lost my writing mojo – again. I haven’t been able to get it back for ages now. Blah. Anxiety is a killer in too many aspects of my life. However, I’ve got to be positive and I’ve got my second appointment tomorrow at the local holistic centre. Sometimes I think about writing up about my first appointment but so much of it is personal to me that I don’t want to really send it out to the whole world to read. It is bad enough getting quizzed about it from family without saying too much. All that stuff that I don’t want them to hear otherwise I would have told them ages ago and I wouldn’t need to talk to a complete stranger about those things. All I can say is that the appointment went well and I have my very own mix of Bach Flower Remedies that is just for me. Four drops in a glass of water. Four to six glass a day.

This week has been better so I’m hoping I’m on the ‘road to recovery’ as the cliché goes. And it is all unconventional medicine, much to the dismay of my in-laws (and sister-in-law), who are very pro-conventional. Not only have I have to be brave about the appointments but also confident in the choices that I feel are right for me at this moment in time. Things may change in the weeks to come but for now I’m happy with my decision to go down the holistic route.

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