Need chocolate

Only dark good quality chocolate of course, as that is what I need so I can write my blog. A big boost of antioxidants (apparently) and a mug of peppermint tea. The past few weeks I’ve been looking at my diet and for a few days I even wrote down everything I had eaten and drunk. Interestingly, I found that I don’t eat enough fruit, everything else is fine – lots of vegetables, plenty of water and everything else in moderation. I can manage to eat a banana everyday but I really could do with some variety and it has nothing to do with disliking fruit as I like most fruit. I buy blueberries, strawberries, apples, nectarines, grapefruits, cherries and then just forget I’ve got the fruit or I just don’t fancy eating it. Throwing moldy fruit in the compost feels such a waste that I’ve stop buying it especially the berries as they turn so quickly. So, I need to find a way of eating more fruit.

As I’ve been trying to lose some weight, mostly of which I know will come off once I start doing some more exercise (walking the dog everyday briskly over the park for 40 mins is a good start but more needs to be done), I’ve been watching how much food is on my plate. Smaller portions in the evening and trying to cut down on afternoon snacks, though today I was hungry at 5pm so had the small leftover risotto that was in the fridge. I’m not sure if to have bigger meals at breakfast and lunch with no snacks or smaller but more often meals throughout the day. One good thing is that I’ve stop having dessert in the evenings, just a few squares of dark chocolate will do.


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