A week goes by

Well, it’s been a week since I last wrote and quite a few things have happened, which is good as normally the week goes by and all I’ve done is work, walk the dog and housework stuff. I’ve still done those things, well honestly maybe not so much on the household duties but going out means I get anxious, which in turn means I don’t do much except for worrying. A complete waste of time but one day that will get better. At the weekend I had some nice comments, one sister-in-law said that I looked well and had my ‘sparkle’ back, while my other sister-in-law said that it looks like I’ve lost weight. Both comments where nice to get especially the sparkle one. My weight issue will happen over time as I get less anxious and start going out more (and with summer, more salads). Being out with the whole of the in-laws on Sunday was nice too and I wasn’t that anxious about it. Monday and Tuesday were normal days as far a I can remember.

Wednesday was a bit stressful as I had a holistic therapy appointment. I didn’t have an appointment last week so I was more anxious about it. Silly really, as the appointment was great and it is always good to talk about my fears with someone who understands and listens. The relaxing part of the appointment (massage, healing etc) didn’t happen but next week we are going to try that again – I have such trouble with relaxing at these things, always have. I do feel as if I’m getting somewhere with the holistic therapy though especially since I went out on Wednesday night with friends (still anxious beforehand) and today I had a meeting with the lady in charge of volunteering at a local Forest Centre. I’m now a volunteer for an afternoon a week, helping out with administration duties and reception work. I have a feeling that once I’ve been there a while they will be getting me to work on the website for the centre as I said I knew basic web design. Once I get over the nerves and anxious feelings I think it will be fun and as I said on Twitter it is very much “care in the community” as I’ll be back out in society, talking to people. In all it’s been a good but very worrying week. Makes me tired all this worrying but it feels like I’m 50% better than I was before I started my holistic therapy appointments. As Professor Brian Cox said with his band back in the 90s, things can only get better! Happy Friday.


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