Mountaineering, or orienteering. No, just volunteering though I won’t mind do those other two sports one day. Is orienteering a sport? Anyhow, on Wednesday I spent three hours volunteering at the local Forest Centre, learning on helping out at the centre. The night before I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep properly and then I felt so sick beforehand that I’m surprised I made it there at all. But I did! As I always do when I make an appointment, just like my holistic therapist always tells me every week. The volunteering was fun and amazingly, so nice to be out the house and talking to people. Real people. Not a computer in sight. That is a lie as there is a computer on the reception desk but I didn’t get near it. I was shown the ropes, asked a lot of questions by other volunteers and did some office work. In my old job these would be classed a mundane but it made a refreshing change to do these things. Things like photocopying, using a guillotine to cut up card for the Easter children’s event, sharpening colour pencils that the children use in the centre and having a go on the till.

Having three hours out the house and including the happy high I was on when I got home, I can say that Wednesday was a day when I felt like my old self, like I used to feel before anxiety struck. I’m going back on Monday afternoon (a regular slot) and I just hope that I don’t get too nervous beforehand. So, along with my holistic appointments and now volunteering I’m getting out and about more. I’m also looking at a pottery course on Thursday mornings at a local council art centre where it is a lot cheaper to do a ten-week course than two three-hour courses at a private pottery centre. If I do that too then that is three trips out the house a week and talking to other people. With work and taking the dog for a walk everyday I’m keeping busy. Next on the list is doing more exercise like cycling or faster walking. Slowly but surely everything will be good. Happy Friday!


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