Yup, I’ve been missing in action. It has been the longest I’ve not written anything since I started this blog. #FAIL. My bad:( Tis amazing the crap you can pick up on Twitter. Anyhow, what have I’ve been doing. Well, there was a holiday in Norfolk for a week, which was lovely and a friend’s wedding in Devon last weekend, lovely again. I’m still volunteering and I’ve started a pottery class as well. The anxiety is still there but much better than it was (I will write more about that soon). I suppose I just haven’t felt like writing as it feels like nothing exciting has happened and I’ve just not had the motivation to write. So bloody lazy, that is what I am. Also, I’ve been trying to turn the laptop off in the evenings (not so successful this week) and I find it easier to write in the evenings. Like most things, I’m an evening person but next week I’m going to try and get up earlier than I do now. With a lot of motivation and hopefully, excitement for the day ahead I will get out of bed at a much earlier time. Then I will have more time in the day to write!

Do I need a plan for my blog? Or should I just write when I feel like it? I doubt I have enough in me to write everyday like I used to but I’m thinking once a week is good, twice a week is wonderful and maybe, once a week a photo (that is an easy one to post) or maybe a recipe or something I have made. From there I might get my mojo back for this blog and start writing more. So, I hope my regular readers are still out there and things can only get better… ooh, makes me think of Professor Brian Cox and his little band.

Though, I love this song better… ah, the 90s!


2 Responses to “AWOL”

  1. 1 Brennig May 22, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    Do I need a plan for my blog? Or should I just write when I feel like it?

    Just do your shizzle when you feel the dizzle, fo sho.


    • 2 Michelle Best May 23, 2011 at 7:17 pm

      Hehe, feels like I’m hanging out with the kids. Seriously, your advice makes perfect sense and I’ll write when I’m feeling the dizzle. 🙂

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