Normal blogging resumed

I’m hoping that normal blogging has resumed. Well, it is really only down to me to get it going again. I miss writing on here but as I have said before I’m finding it hard to get the words written down on a regular basis. So, what has been happening at Chez Best. Quite a lot but I’m feeling like I don’t want to write everything down in this post because then I won’t have anything else to write about for a couple more weeks. I think I will write a anxiety update post later in the week and I’ve been to London Town twice since I last wrote. Both of those deserve their own post especially seeing Bright Eyes at the Royal Albert Hall (swoon!). Other news is that we didn’t get the land we liked on the Island of Mersea. As far as we know no one else has purchased it yet so we are hoping that come later in the year the owner might change their minds over our last offer. If not, then it wasn’t meant to be and something better will come along.

I’ve been busy volunteering at the Forest Visitor Centre and paid work is keeping me in new music (when I can find some to buy that I like that is). We have a holiday booked to the Lake District for August – wasn’t at all planned but family have booked to go there and we just decided it would be nice to join them. Later in September I think we will look at booking a holiday to somewhere in Yorkshire. Also, I’m thinking that as my anxiety is slowly getting better next year we will do a camper van holiday around Dorest, Somerset and Wiltshire, which I talked about doing this year but never had the energy to plan it. The pup is doing well and is very well trained (not) though she is very good for a cuddle. So, that is a very small catch-up but I will write more ‘normal’ posts soon like I used to when I first started this blog. Happy (Manhattan) Friday!


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