That’s me, a do-gooder. Last week I volunteered four days out of seven. Not full days but on top of my regular Monday afternoon I also went in for about three hours on two extra days on top of helping out on Sunday at a summer festival. I would have stayed all day if I didn’t have to pick up my husband after he had just done a 58-mile charity bike ride. Since I started back in April I now feel part of the team and very much at ease at being at the centre where I ‘work’. The fear of being there is disappearing and even the habit of being nervous beforehand is going. So much so that I’m quite happy to go in on other days to help out and when I saw my holistic therapist last week I said to her that if I didn’t have to earn money then I would do more volunteering and less paid work. Then again it might just be the fact that I’m enjoying getting out the house and talking to other people. Working with real people.

Don’t get me wrong, working from home has its advantages, like being able to have a dog and baking cakes. Though I do really miss interacting with other people. In an office. Or at the forest centre. Talking and laughing. Keep my mind busy. I think one of the main reasons I like being at the forest centre is that is surrounded by countryside. People are relaxed when they come in to the centre. I could have ‘worked’ in a charity shop but I can’t stand the smell of charity shops and I have memories of years ago working in a clothes shop, it is pretty dull work. At the forest centre, which is a charity and completely run by us volunteers, I get to work on the shop, which stocks crafts, books and educational items, doing orders and stocktaking but also, I’m helping out with creating forms, editing documents and sending out emails. I know how ‘computers work’ is often associated with my name. The next thing is some training on the new website so I can make edits or changes when needed. Now, that sound be fun and definitely will keep my mind busy.

Where I go to 'work'


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