The problem with art

I have this problem with painting and drawing. The problem is that I never know what to draw or paint. In my dressing room/office/craft room I have all the supplies needed to draw or paint. It is actually more of storage room as I only go in there to find clothes, dry my hair, occasionally connect a laptop to the printer, find items to take downstairs. Downstairs at this very moment is a watercolour pad, paintbrushes and a small palette of watercolour paints on the dining room table. They were there yesterday and still I haven’t managed to paint anything. What to paint though? I just don’t know. On many occasions I have sat down with a pad and a pencil and haven’t drawn a thing. I can’t seem to find anything that grabs my attention to paint it. I’m good at doodling though especially when on the phone.

I’m not sure what is holding me back. Maybe I’m not good enough to paint. Or I have too high expectations and my art should be great, if it’s not then maybe I shouldn’t even bother. I was good at art at school (I did come 1st at an art competition when I was 10 – my proudest moment at junior school) & at college (window dressing) but never ‘great’ and sadly, once I left school I didn’t really do much painting or drawing except for a bit of glass painting. Then once I moved out of the family home I never had the time to think about art. Doing your own washing and cooking while working meant there wasn’t time or I just didn’t have the energy. Now that I’m at home more I should be painting at least once a week or at least once a month. Maybe I feel guilty about doing something enjoyable instead of ironing or cleaning the bathroom. Maybe tomorrow I’ll paint some lines on paper or maybe I won’t (again). Too many maybes in this post. Hmm.

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