Waiting for my chickens

Last month for over a quite a few weeks we were negotiating with an estate agent about a piece of land we liked. It was back and forth with the agent over what felt like months and in the end the owner didn’t accept our last offer. I’m sure the estate agent didn’t help matters and in the end, maybe the owner thought he could get as much money out of us as possible. That is his choice. If it is still for sale in November then we might start the process again but this time looking at the land with the agent and look inside the house that is planned for demolition. My holistic therapist says she has a feeling that November would be a good time to go back – when the weather is rubbish and the owner might be feeling like he would like some money in his bank. Of course, all of this would depend on if the land hasn’t been sold before then or maybe another house or land came up for sale on the Island of Mersea.

Though, as much as we were disappointed by not getting the land, it was quite a relief to know that we wasn’t moving. The period of limbo while talking the agent was quite unsettling. A calm has come over the household now and we are just enjoying the summer while looking forward to a holiday. It’s not a case of making do but realising that what you have is great and there is nothing bad about where we live now. The veg is growing really well in the garden (including 40 onions to pick soon & store?!) & we have everything we need. Actually, too much stuff – I’m gradually de-cluttering but it takes a lot of time and energy (and I like pretty things). So, the short story is that I’m appreciating what I have and enjoying it one day at a time. Taking it slow until the right house in the countryside comes available and the mayhem begins that comes with moving home.  Then I will get my chickens!


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