Anxiety update

I had promised to write about my anxiety weeks ago but I have to be in the right mood to write about it. Not really sure what the right mood is as today has been a very mixed day on the anxiety front. One minute I feel alright and then the next I have a wobble. Anyhow, lets starts at where I left off. I’ve been having a series of appointments with a holistic therapist (who is a lovely person and I just know that I will stay in touch with her as friend for the years to come) and found the best book to help with my anxiety. I’ve written about this book before but it has become my bible with dealing with my anxiety & panic attacks. After reading it fully, I now go to it when I feel my anxiety raising and it just confirms what I’m feeling – the feelings I feel are just sensitised nerves and adrenalin racing through my poor nerves. Other points that have helped are that it will takes time to recovery from anxiety and taking it slow is OK, there will be setbacks and it is alright to be anxious sometime. Gradually there will be less anxious days and more good days that eventually the anxiety will just go away.

That’s the background on recovery and now for what I have been doing, as I have to go out and do stuff for recovery to happen. For my sins I went to Lakeside Shopping Centre last week and managed to spend quite a bit of money, I’ve met friends for afternoon tea and my mum for lunch. I’ve been food shopping and even managed to walk there for a few bits one day – and tonight – unheard of a few months ago, take the dog for a walk and feel fine while out with her, long 3 hour walks with husband & the dog at the weekend, many hours volunteering at Thames Chase Forest Centre, a bee keeping course, family get-togethers. I still get apprehensive before I go out and lately I’ve been having anxious thoughts about driving, which is just from a bad experience last month while driving back from Southend (driving too fast and the adrenalin flowing through me set off my anxious nerves). Stress does the same, if I get stressed about work or packing for a holiday (like the past few days) then the anxiety comes back. So, next I’m going to start having aromatherapy facials to learn to relax and I must remember to take it slow and of course, breathe.


1 Response to “Anxiety update”

  1. 1 Jackie Swann September 16, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    Hi Michelle, I would love to meet up. Just found your blog, wish I had known sooner. I struggle too. Jackie xxx

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