Like me on Facebook. Unfollow.

As I was editing the third blog post of this week on the blog that my boss writes I thought I should really write too. Of course, mine is about complete boring personal rubbish, where as his is more interesting being a business blog. Social media is like that though, the more I think about it. Blogs, Twitter and even Facebook are a mixture of personal ‘this is what I did’ to food/art/news/craft focus to businesses. And you just can’t do all of them in one space. Twitter is becoming more and more about business, not just the companies that send out impersonal tweets but those who have things to sell (normally on Etsy), like art, quilts, jewellery or those who have a company and tweet out how good their products/services are while baking a cake at the same time. Like me on Facebook. Business with a human touch.

Then there are the foodies. These are a class of their own. Admittedly, we all like to show off our baking or what we are cooking for dinner – I do sometimes. It is a way of saying, ‘hey, look at me… cooking! With real food’. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone tweet about putting some frozen fish in the oven or opening a jar of pasta sauce for their dinner tweet. Many of the foodie bloggers/tweeters are so far up their own arse that I’m surprised that they can see where they are going. Of course, some have great recipes but I still unfollow or don’t read their blogs. Since the rise of the celebrity chef everyone thinks they can cook because it is cool and like to tell anyone that is listening. All of this ranting is because at two in the morning while awake for the fourth night in a row I was thinking about how I might calm down on Twitter. It’s not the same as it used to be, it was much more fun and interactive (though I still managed to tweet loads today). In the middle of night I was thinking how I will reply back to quite a few people I follow but I hardly get replies. Let me clear this up, replies for my replies, yes, I get those but only a very small handful of people will reply to one of my own tweets. Those who do have ‘normal’ accounts with nothing to sell. Nice, fun, normal people. I wonder if any of those I have moaned about will read this – I doubt it as they most properly don’t read ‘normal’ blogs. And as no one answered my question on Twitter about if I should tweet about when I have blogged then I take that as a no. That marriage won’t be happen.


2 Responses to “Like me on Facebook. Unfollow.”

  1. 1 santiagodunbar69 August 26, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    hey, i like the post, please follow my new blog 🙂

  2. 2 Brennig September 4, 2011 at 10:05 am

    What’s a ‘normal blog’? I have no time for arts and crafts blogs but that’s only because I have no interest in arts and crafts subjects. But I’ve got a couple of hundred political blogs in my reader. And about 30 writers blogs. And maybe 50 muso blogs (some of which I write for, some of which I don’t). And about 150 day-to-day blogs.

    Anyway, twitter. A lot of it comes down to the number of people one follows, the quality and quantity of their output. I follow 260-ish people, most are in the UK but there are many folk in different timezones out there too. Additionally, the majority of the folk I follow are prolific tweeters. I’m very discerning at who I follow, but I can’t scroll back through my timeline. If I did I would never catch up.

    And I hate Facebook with a strident vengeance.

    Just my thoughts.

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