Normal. Life.

Oh dear. It has been over a month since I last wrote – I’ve lost the blogging habit. Or I’ve just got bored with it. Who really wants to read my trivial nonsense all the time anyway? Along with bad grammar. My blog started with lots of excitement and new opportunities with that happy fuzzy feeling that I had at the time. Then it turned in to a what is life all about, depressing type of blog. Now I’m at the stage of being in the middle, normal I guess but ‘normal’ is hard to write about. Being ecstatic about life or being sorrowful is easy to write about. Middle of the road is dull. Dull to write about not dull to live. I can do without being miserable and anxious about life or being overly happy forever (or maybe that is just me that you can be ‘happy’ forever). Normal is good. The world runs on normal. It is the extremists that bugger it up for everyone else.

Therefore, here is my normal life. My normal life on my blog. I will write about my work, walking the dog, the music I’m listening to, the food I’m cooking & baking, trying to understand HTML, trying to get back in to my size 10 jeans (and being able to breathe in them), pottery class, the housework that I don’t do but should, remembering that I can make other cocktails apart from just a Manhattan, the books I’ve read and umm, that is it, I think, So here is to normality, with a tinge of anxiety and happiness in to the mix.


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