If I was a religious type I would saying something on the lines of “for I have sinned, it has been three months since I last blogged” but I’m not sure of the exact words and don’t believe in all that confession rubbish. Though there is no getting away from the fact that it has been months since I last wrote and even weeks since I last looked at the blog. I can’t think of any excuses but that life got in the way and I just couldn’t be arsed to write. So, hello to anyone who is still reading out there.

Currently, I’m working for three clients – the latest client is out of the home. In an actual office, well, a room in a house (not my house) and I’m working on my own unless my boss is around. I’m finding it hard being on my own with my crazy mind but gradually I’m getting used to it. Every time I go it seems to get easier.  The volunteering work is going well and I’m now on the committee. Had only one meeting with the committee so far and it is quite interesting. Though giving me more work to do at home… Since starting my third job the days seem to go really quickly and I’ve don’t have time for all the other things anymore. Or so it seems. Though I can still find time for anxiety! It is a very up and down affair at the moment but I know I’m gradually improving. Slowly but surely. I’ve just got to remember that I’m not going to get better overnight.

I think I will write once more before the end of the year – a kind of 2011 in review. All the highs and lows. Thanks for reading.


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