Small Victories

I’m still on the slow recovery from anxiety with all its ups and downs but I know I’m definitely on the right side of getting better. Today I had one of those small victories. It is the small victories that will eventually make it in to one big victory and then normality (one hopes).

My small victory was to walk into town, go to the bank and then pick up my watch from the local jewellery shop. A muggle would find this is an easy quest but for us crazy types it is a big mission. But I did it – walked into town, queued in the bank and then picked up my watch with only a few moments of anxiety creeping in. Last year, I know that I wouldn’t have done any of this – even walking into town I would have avoided like the plague.

I am learning to carry on as normal alongside my feelings of anxiety. There will be ups and downs, that is all part of recovery and of course, I can now tell you the time since getting my watch back.


1 Response to “Small Victories”

  1. 1 Photo Girl February 5, 2014 at 5:48 pm

    Hope you start to feel better soon, walk out there with your head held high!

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