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Never Ending Winter

I don’t mind winter. I prefer the cold weather to the hot weather. If the news is anything to go by then we seem to be going through a mini ice age. “It is snowing in March!” the news commentators are saying. Yes, so? I’m sure it has snowed in March before. Even in April. There isn’t much we can do about it – when someone can control the weather then it will be the end of the world. The main issue I have with winter is dry skin especially my hands. No matter how much I moisturize them they still end up looking like old lady hands. Another sign of getting old. I still remember that advert from the 80s where a lady would moisturize a dried-up brown leaf and magically the leaf would be soft and supple again. I doubt that the hand cream ever worked like that.

This cold snap seems to be here for a while and I’m embracing it. Today’s walk with the dog was really pleasant – the sun even tried to break through the dense clouds adding a slight warmth. Nature is trying to break through winter with buds on trees and the birds are starting to build nests. Nature will always win with the weather, whatever happens, whereas us humans just moan about it. Or should I say the press/news readers want us to moan about it with their propaganda reports.

Blimey, I’m moaning. Sorry about that. As I’m trying to get back in to writing I’m going to try more happy, positive notes. *smiley face*

Yawn… the heat

Another post about it being too hot and humid in London – I think, the heat has got to me. A night out for pizza and a few drinks would normally be a good night out but Fire & Stone (pizza place) does these elaborate pizzas – brie with butternut squash and pumpkin seeds. Sounds nice but talk about being very rich. Along with a raspberry mojito followed by one small beer in the Canadian bar (which was like an oven inside) I had had enough of the place and just wanted to get home. Getting home was traumatic, the tube was hotter than it was been all week and walking to the train station was tiring. Thankfully the train home is air conditioned so I managed to get myself back under control and feeling chilled.  Then the walk home just took it out of me again.

I’m really glad to be home now with all the windows and doors open sitting on the sofa writing my blog. I now having a glass of water and a peppermint tea to help get me back on track. I just felt really out of sorts the whole evening – I’m blaming it on the heat. According to the weather experts there is meant to be thunderstorms soon and that will bring the temps down.  Lucky I’ve got the day off tomorrow, no rushing to get ready in the morning, just a hair cut and some food shopping to do before getting ready for the Blur event in Hyde Park. Back in to London but hopefully by then I will be feeling a lot more calm and collected.

Not much going on…

In my head anyway, as I can’t think of much to write about except for the fact that the BBC doesn’t sell a DVD of all the great videos from Glastonbury. Shame on them. Unless I’m missing something and in fact if they do someone please let me know. As the BBC has all these strict rules about copying videos I can’t even see them on YouTube again – boo! Anyway, I’ll watch them as much as I can on the BBC site until they take them off especially the Bon Iver set which was just wonderful.

Other random thoughts on a good note – pay day was yesterday; the weather is still hot, scorchio hot it is; air conditioned office; I’m looking forward to seeing Blur at Hyde Park on Friday; I’m going shopping for cocktail additions tomorrow lunchtime; my running is improving and surprisingly Andy Murray is doing well at the tennis. Bad notes – too hot on the tube; too hot at night to sleep. No matter what the weather us Brits do like to complain about it – snow, rain, lack of rain (hose pipe bans), wind, cloudy, sun (heatwave). Ah well.

A quick Sunday post

It’s late on a Sunday and I keep looking at my laptop trying to think of something to write for today. After a busy day of visiting family for Mother’s Day, I am feeling quite pooped and enjoying some dark chocolate.  One of the highlights of the day was having my first barbecue of the year.  OK, I had a veggie version of barbecue food but it was still nice to see all the food being cooked outside.  Now I can see the appeal of having a gas barbecue instead of a charcoal one – easy and quick to use. Which makes methinks that I should get a gas barbecue so on warm days during the week after work dinner could be barbecued! I say this as the weather is about to change from sunny warm days to wet and windy ahead. Maybe saying ‘ooh, eating and cooking outside, how exciting’ makes the weather changed to the usual wet weather that the British are so fond of in the summer.  Ah well, I must stop being pessimistic about the weather – hopefully the summer will be nice and warm this year.

The white stuff

The white cold stuff that falls from the sky not the white powder that people put up their noses – and I’m most probably joining the band-wagon for writing about the snow but it is a big thing in the England, even if there is a tiny whiff of it. Not everyone likes snow but I love it, especially fresh lovely snow. Tomorrow it will most probably turn icy and after a few days it will turn all brown and horrible. That is the most disappointing thing about snow in the UK, it never lasts longer than a couple of days. Most of the South East came to a standstill today as it always does but I’m lucky as I can work from home. Well, almost but since my Vaio is giving up the ghost I can’t use my Illustrator to create graphics so until I get my arse in to gear and order my new work laptop then working from home will be limited. I did walk to the station this morning but it was mayhem there so decided it was best to come back home. I did have an amusing time though watching the cars trying to make it up the very small hill by the station. The disruption even made the New York Times!

Snowing across the fields
Snow across the fields

The other joys of working from home today while it was still snowing was: watching the snow fall, seeing the local kids having snowball fights, going for a walk over the fields at lunchtime (some photos above and below) and coming across a variety of huge 3ft snowballs in the streets. Tried to bring one home but just couldn’t shift the thing! So instead I made a tiny snowman for the front step with some buttons that I had for eyes. Couldn’t find anything for the nose, all the carrots where too big for the little thing. Anyway, it was a fun day, I just wish it would snow more often!


Local church

Smallest snowman in Essex

Smallest snowman in Essex

A typical Sunday…

… with an extra hour to top it off. The weather was rainy and cloudy which meant it was a dull day. Which for me made the day rather dull and boring. Even with an extra hour didn’t seem to help. Spent a couple of hours practising my HTML and CSS skills (I need much more practising!). Two hours around Ikea didn’t help matters. Ikea turns in to a kiddies playground on a Sunday especially on a wet day. But I managed to get a new desk so I can study in the spare room instead of using the dining table. Typical for Ikea, the chair that I would have liked to purchase wasn’t in stock. So now I have to plan another trip to Ikea! Then it turned dark at around five so spent the rest of the evening doing typical Sunday stuff – emptying the dishwasher, having dinner, sorting out the washing, watching TV, reading the papers etc. Oh, and of course a bit of blogging. Now it is nearly ten o’clock but it is really eleven at night so no wonder I feel tired and not really having any creative thoughts for my writing tonight. So with that thought, nighty night!

Winter – pros and cons

As with many things in life sometimes you need to write down the pros and cons of certain aspects of it. Examples could be about your job, buying a new car or if you take an A’Level in Latin. As winter approaches it made me feel like I should write some pros and cons about it, which unsurprisingly I don’t think I would do for the other seasons.

Pros: snow – if we get any that is; log fires – especially if these are located in a traditional English pub; soup – there is nothing nicer than a big bowl of hot soup with warm bread on a cold day; big coats, hats and scarfs; walking over the woods and being able to see through the trees; roast potatoes, Christmas – the good bits of Christmas are mince pies, Christmas pudding, champagne, decorating the tree, wrapping presents and giving presents. Playing card games around my parents on a Saturday night (we only ever do this in the winter?!). Running in the dark – I quite like this as I seem to run better in the cold and no one can see me looking hot and sweaty.

Cons: short days – it is already starting to get dark at around 6pm; Christmas, the bad bits – present shopping with millions of others and trying to think what to get people who normally have everything is just a miserable way to spend my time, writing out Christmas cards, all the hype surrounding Christmas TV, the same food on Christmas day and Boxing day (actually the same timetable as well for both days every year), rubbish buffet food at Christmas parties. The rubbish British weather – one day it will be really cold and dry and then mild and rainy the next day! Feeling miserable due the lack of sunshine; colds and coughs; never seeing the garden until the weekend, just to discover that everything is dead; dry skin especially on my hands.

I’m sure I will think of others over the course of the next few days but as you can see it is a real mix of good and bad. I just hope we have some decent snow this year, maybe on Christmas day so I get snowed-in, then Christmas dinner would be soup followed by a walk in the snow. Finish the day off with a cocktail and a mince pie (plus no TV all day!). Now that sounds like a good day.