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Party Planning

As I write this, it is a very wet and grey Sunday and I have a stinking cold. What is needed is a good dose of hot drinks, soup and lots of rest. Apart from getting a cold yesterday, it has been a pretty full-on week in many good ways except for the feeling of being a tad run-down. Work has been quite busy and next week will be even more crazy with so many people I work with on holiday. At my part-time job at the Upminster Sanctuary I will be the only one there in the office – yikes. So much to do as well. Anyway, all this work pays the bills and keeps me in nice clothes.

Last night we went to a friend’s 40th birthday party (80’s fancy dress) which was good fun. We went as the Where’s Wally couple, which was lucky as it was quite a fully dressed outfit compared to some and the 17th century barn where the party was held was a bit fresh last night. With my own big birthday impending in about 4 months I’ve been planning my own birthday bash. So far I have booked an area where I volunteer and I’m going for a Champagne Afternoon Tea theme. Small sandwiches, scones with clotted cream & jam, cakes and lots of Champagne and tea. And of course, bottles of beer.

Now that my husband’s own big birthday is now out of the way he is very keen to help me plan mine. He is the party organiser in this household. First up is the guest list, then speaking to the caterers about food and budget. After that I will have to think about hiring some tables and chairs with nice china and glassware to set the mood. Of course, I will have to either get some invites printed or make my own. That will depend on how much of my time Christmas shopping etc takes. Oh no, the dreaded C word! I had better get a notebook at the ready for all this planning, I do love a new notebook, so any reason to get a new one.

Tis Friday!

Ooh, it feels like it is a Manhattan Friday kind of post. Basically I just ramble on about something and nothing while drinking a Manhattan. So, yesterday was my birthday and I’m getting ever closer to the dark side (that would be my forties). I had a nice day, even doing some work in the morning was okay. My parents popped round briefly before I was out with a couple of friends for lunch. My anxiety about going out was still there first thing in the morning but once I was at the restaurant I felt fine. I believe my mind is confusing excitement with fear presently. A fun time was had by all and I only got a small grilling about my shriveling eggs and babies (it has been a while since I last had that type of grilling admittedly). After lunch I took the dog for a walk which was nice and when I got back I chilled out on the sofa with the laptop and listened to a load of music, mainly from the BBC Sound of 2011 list. Take away curry for dinner and a few beers finished off the day quite nicely.

I got quite a lot of nice presents from various friends, family and my husband. A few good books (one on astronomy, Cath Kidston – Make, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and John Fowles – The Tree), a cookery book, lots of chocolate which is kind of mean as I’m trying to lose weight, three pairs of jeans, a decorated martini glass, an address book and some soap/bubble bath (tin and glass packaging as well, it is great that my friends are listening to my zero waste/no-plastic ramblings). Tomorrow I’m entertaining the whole of the in-laws with a spot of Afternoon Tea and on Sunday my parents are over for a roast dinner. Lots of cooking and baking this weekend in a very terribly British way. Happy Friday everyone!


The lack of posting yesterday was due to my birthday. Another year older and trying to forget how old I am but I don’t think I’m alone in that. Still, it was a nice day, especially going out with friends for lunch. That is the beauty of working from home, I can meet up with friends at lunchtime! An added bonus was that it snowed! Just for the morning but that was enough. I think I’m the only person left in the UK who was excited about the snow yesterday. In the evening we went to Pizza Express for some tasty food and Italian beer. When I got home I made myself a Manhattan with my newly acquired Noilly Prat – which made the drink so much better than the cheap supermarket stuff I had.

I got quite a lot of nice presents and some money. A new purse (which was really handy as my current purse from my 30th had finally started to fall apart), PJs, make-up, jeans, tops, socks and an electric whisk. I’m very excited about using the electric whisk over the weekend. I think with the money I will buy myself some bookends and some nice arty books in particular one on Art Deco. It was also nice to get lots of well wishes from friends all over the world – makes me feel well-travelled. Another year over so quickly and like a friend told me “this year will be a good one for you”, I hope so!

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday – 13th January. Some would say unlucky for some – having your birthday on the 13th but it’s not. Now having your birthday in January is pretty unlucky due to the rubbish weather and how everyone is on a health kick after Christmas. Ah well, I had a pretty good day – lots of nice cards, presents and friends getting in touch with birthday wishes via text, Twitter, chatrooms and Facebook. Now it is quite late and I have been out for dinner so I can’t really concentrate on writing a “good” two paragraph post so I’m cutting this short now! Another year older, which seems to mean that I need my sleep even more than I did when I was a teenager!