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5 years

5 years ago I thought it would be fun to start a blog. I remember having my doubts – would I have enough interesting subjects to write about? How would my grammar and spelling stand-up? Would anyone read it? Would I lose friends over it? Would I get bored with it? Still, I started writing and kept writing almost daily for about three years, then the inspiration for writing stopped so the posts where now and again. Last year, I didn’t write much at all and last October was my last one. I did get bored with it. People still find it but it seems most are for the boat sinking story – that particular post has over 100 comments and they still come in at least once a month. Sometimes I think I should close the comments on that post. I’ve dealt with it and it is time to move on.

Overall, I’ve had 39,240 views and have written 768 posts (including a few from friends covering my holiday in the early days) – not bad I’m guessing for a blog mostly telling the story of my normal life and my crazy mind. I’m celebrating five years by drinking a Manhattan on a Friday night. Happy Friday everyone! I may even write something sooner than waiting five months.



Like me on Facebook. Unfollow.

As I was editing the third blog post of this week on the blog that my boss writes I thought I should really write too. Of course, mine is about complete boring personal rubbish, where as his is more interesting being a business blog. Social media is like that though, the more I think about it. Blogs, Twitter and even Facebook are a mixture of personal ‘this is what I did’ to food/art/news/craft focus to businesses. And you just can’t do all of them in one space. Twitter is becoming more and more about business, not just the companies that send out impersonal tweets but those who have things to sell (normally on Etsy), like art, quilts, jewellery or those who have a company and tweet out how good their products/services are while baking a cake at the same time. Like me on Facebook. Business with a human touch.

Then there are the foodies. These are a class of their own. Admittedly, we all like to show off our baking or what we are cooking for dinner – I do sometimes. It is a way of saying, ‘hey, look at me… cooking! With real food’. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone tweet about putting some frozen fish in the oven or opening a jar of pasta sauce for their dinner tweet. Many of the foodie bloggers/tweeters are so far up their own arse that I’m surprised that they can see where they are going. Of course, some have great recipes but I still unfollow or don’t read their blogs. Since the rise of the celebrity chef everyone thinks they can cook because it is cool and like to tell anyone that is listening. All of this ranting is because at two in the morning while awake for the fourth night in a row I was thinking about how I might calm down on Twitter. It’s not the same as it used to be, it was much more fun and interactive (though I still managed to tweet loads today). In the middle of night I was thinking how I will reply back to quite a few people I follow but I hardly get replies. Let me clear this up, replies for my replies, yes, I get those but only a very small handful of people will reply to one of my own tweets. Those who do have ‘normal’ accounts with nothing to sell. Nice, fun, normal people. I wonder if any of those I have moaned about will read this – I doubt it as they most properly don’t read ‘normal’ blogs. And as no one answered my question on Twitter about if I should tweet about when I have blogged then I take that as a no. That marriage won’t be happen.

Normal blogging resumed

I’m hoping that normal blogging has resumed. Well, it is really only down to me to get it going again. I miss writing on here but as I have said before I’m finding it hard to get the words written down on a regular basis. So, what has been happening at Chez Best. Quite a lot but I’m feeling like I don’t want to write everything down in this post because then I won’t have anything else to write about for a couple more weeks. I think I will write a anxiety update post later in the week and I’ve been to London Town twice since I last wrote. Both of those deserve their own post especially seeing Bright Eyes at the Royal Albert Hall (swoon!). Other news is that we didn’t get the land we liked on the Island of Mersea. As far as we know no one else has purchased it yet so we are hoping that come later in the year the owner might change their minds over our last offer. If not, then it wasn’t meant to be and something better will come along.

I’ve been busy volunteering at the Forest Visitor Centre and paid work is keeping me in new music (when I can find some to buy that I like that is). We have a holiday booked to the Lake District for August – wasn’t at all planned but family have booked to go there and we just decided it would be nice to join them. Later in September I think we will look at booking a holiday to somewhere in Yorkshire. Also, I’m thinking that as my anxiety is slowly getting better next year we will do a camper van holiday around Dorest, Somerset and Wiltshire, which I talked about doing this year but never had the energy to plan it. The pup is doing well and is very well trained (not) though she is very good for a cuddle. So, that is a very small catch-up but I will write more ‘normal’ posts soon like I used to when I first started this blog. Happy (Manhattan) Friday!

Still here

I’m still here. I’m just being very quiet on the blog front. Lost my writing mojo – again. I haven’t been able to get it back for ages now. Blah. Anxiety is a killer in too many aspects of my life. However, I’ve got to be positive and I’ve got my second appointment tomorrow at the local holistic centre. Sometimes I think about writing up about my first appointment but so much of it is personal to me that I don’t want to really send it out to the whole world to read. It is bad enough getting quizzed about it from family without saying too much. All that stuff that I don’t want them to hear otherwise I would have told them ages ago and I wouldn’t need to talk to a complete stranger about those things. All I can say is that the appointment went well and I have my very own mix of Bach Flower Remedies that is just for me. Four drops in a glass of water. Four to six glass a day.

This week has been better so I’m hoping I’m on the ‘road to recovery’ as the clich√© goes. And it is all unconventional medicine, much to the dismay of my in-laws (and sister-in-law), who are very pro-conventional. Not only have I have to be brave about the appointments but also confident in the choices that I feel are right for me at this moment in time. Things may change in the weeks to come but for now I’m happy with my decision to go down the holistic route.


My poor forgotten blog. Nothing written in days and I’m too tired to write much tonight. I don’t normally do ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ but maybe for 2011 it will be to write more often. Everyday, like I did in the old days. I have more time to do that now but not enough inspiration on what to write about without talking about food or cleaning all the time. However, I’m still here and I promise to write more soon. Hey, it might even be tomorrow.

Friday? Again? Already?

Since I have got in to the habit of taking the pup for a walk everyday for about 40-50 mins, it feels like the days go past really quickly. That means when Friday appears, I’m like “shit, how did that happen?”. This could also mean I’m having fun, enjoying my weeks of doing a few hours of work a day and then cooking/cleaning/walking the dog. Now that I have got in to a routine I normally have the afternoons to myself. This is the time I need to motivate myself to be creative, in the art sense, not the baking sense. I have done enough baking this week, which isn’t great for my “muffin tops” but my husband’s colleagues seem pleased about it. I have seen an online art course from the Tate which has no exams or deadlines. I can work at my own pace. Then I’m thinking about doing a “Photo everyday in November” for my blog. It could be fun to have to take a photo everyday of something interesting and might improve my photography skills. Hell, I might even start using Photoshop on them.

In other news, I’m on a quest to purchase all my Christmas gifts before the end of October and hopefully, all of them from online stores. Out of the 10 people I’m buying for I have purchased five already. Some are on their way and a couple are in my study waiting for me to make a drawstring bag for them. That is the plan – no wrapping paper, just drawstring bags. It is going to be tricky for my nephew and his large box of Duplo lego but I’m up for the challenge. The real challenge is finding some cheap but nice fabric for it, not Christmas-themed either. I would like these bags to be used all year round and also Christmas fabric is always dreadful. I was going to make Christmas cards but after a bit of thought I think I’m pushing my luck in getting those done. No need to stress myself out, is there. Happy Friday!


Another day, another pound, as the saying goes… really it should be dollar but I only deal in pounds. This morning was no different to any other day that I have during the week. Get up late, have breakfast, do some work, shower and get ready, make lunch, eat lunch. Afternoons are a bit different but they always have walk the pup in the mix. This afternoon was a bit different as I meet up with friends at the local coffee house (sounds so American, should be tea house but that sounds so Japanese) for tea and cake. Yes, folks I made it out the house (though still nervous/anxious beforehand) and spoke to other people. I had a lovely time and we all went the local Aldi store for some cheap shopping afterwards. I managed to save myself ¬£31 by buying a cheaper face moisturiser compared to my usual ‘expensive’ brand. Lets hope it turns out to be a good one as that is a good saving. Also, on a plus side it comes in a glass jar (plastic lid though), which is better than the whole plastic jar the expensive brand came in.

After a late afternoon walk over the park with the pup, I came back to do the usual chores. Tidy up the kitchen and start on dinner. I was lucky in that I missed the rain as it threw it down buckets and dinner was a success (caramelised onions, goats cheese on puff pastry with a baked potato and veg on the side). After catching up on some emails, placing an order with Lakeland (a blender for easy soup making) and spending an hour catching up on blog reading, I’m now, watching a film with Johnny Depp (not Pirates of the Caribbean) which seems a bit slow to me but good for that reason as I can write this. So, with the blog done, I can go to bed and see if I can read my book in bed without getting distracted by a puppy who wants to play (no matter how cute she is!).