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Party Planning

As I write this, it is a very wet and grey Sunday and I have a stinking cold. What is needed is a good dose of hot drinks, soup and lots of rest. Apart from getting a cold yesterday, it has been a pretty full-on week in many good ways except for the feeling of being a tad run-down. Work has been quite busy and next week will be even more crazy with so many people I work with on holiday. At my part-time job at the Upminster Sanctuary I will be the only one there in the office – yikes. So much to do as well. Anyway, all this work pays the bills and keeps me in nice clothes.

Last night we went to a friend’s 40th birthday party (80’s fancy dress) which was good fun. We went as the Where’s Wally couple, which was lucky as it was quite a fully dressed outfit compared to some and the 17th century barn where the party was held was a bit fresh last night. With my own big birthday impending in about 4 months I’ve been planning my own birthday bash. So far I have booked an area where I volunteer and I’m going for a Champagne Afternoon Tea theme. Small sandwiches, scones with clotted cream & jam, cakes and lots of Champagne and tea. And of course, bottles of beer.

Now that my husband’s own big birthday is now out of the way he is very keen to help me plan mine. He is the party organiser in this household. First up is the guest list, then speaking to the caterers about food and budget. After that I will have to think about hiring some tables and chairs with nice china and glassware to set the mood. Of course, I will have to either get some invites printed or make my own. That will depend on how much of my time Christmas shopping etc takes. Oh no, the dreaded C word! I had better get a notebook at the ready for all this planning, I do love a new notebook, so any reason to get a new one.