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photo opportunity

A bit of fun photography. The camera was sitting on the table during breakfast and I just pressed down the button. Viola! A blurred photo of butter & a tea cup through my sunglasses. Random, I know, but I like random photos.

Photo of the day #2

Action shot – “Puppy plays football”. The pup enjoys chasing the football around the garden which is good as it keeps me fit as well as I run around the garden kicking the ball for her. Occasionally she will have a go at my trainers or the bottom of my jeans so having a football or a tennis ball is a good distraction. I should apologise for the bad quality of the photo but trying to take a photo of a speedy dog with a ball is hard. All the other photos just looked like she was sniffing the ball, which of course she does a lot of too.

Photo of the day

I had an idea that if I can’t think of anything to write about then I would upload a photo and the write about it. So, here is “Photo of the day #1” – Red anemones in red bottle.

I needed a bit of colour in the kitchen and not really having a real windowsill for lots of flowers I can only have a few flowers in a small bottle or jar. I bought a small bunch of anemones and narcissus from the local supermarket and found this red bottle (borrowed from a restaurant, though I did buy the water in it) that was just perfect for a couple of the red anemones. A bit of bright colour on a rainy day and yes, I know my windows need cleaning.

Photo blogging – my house

I think this will be my last photo post as I’m actually missing writing – if only my school English teacher could hear that (or read that!). Anyway, below is a small collection of pictures of my house – four years in to the decorating and modernising and still not finished. I would write more today but I’m going out soon and I’ve got some more downloading on my iPod touch to do! Happy Friday!

Front of house (the old convertiable!)

Kitchen (about 3 years old now)

Small bedroom (my dressing room!)

The real fire – great in power cuts!

The lounge/diner

Well, that’s all the nice tidy house photos that I could find – when the hall is finished I will have a mass cleaning day and take lots of nice estate agent style photos. Then I’ll either post them on here or on flickr.

Photo blogging – Sydney

A few snaps from our trip to Australia last October.  The following are all from Sydney and mostly of the Opera House.

Photo blogging – my garden

As I’m on holiday this week I’ve decided that it will be a week of photo blogging – basically little writing and a few photos. Today’s theme is my garden – enjoy.

Nothing like blogging in the garden – notice the beer and straw hat! Must invest in a more comfortable garden chair.

White jeans… and photos

After writing about being a man yesterday, today I’m going to write a really girlie post (sorry guys!). How odd my brain works sometimes. I’m going to write about my new white jeans that I purchased about six weeks ago from TopShop while the weather was nice. Of course since then the weather has been pretty rubbish – not as bad as last summer but it hasn’t been as warm or sunny. This obviously means I haven’t even worn my new white jeans so today I put them on for half an hour and stood about it them. Couldn’t really do much else in them as I have to wear my 4 inch heels with them so I thought I would take some pictures of me in my jeans. What else is a girl to do instead… so below is a snap of me in the white jeans. Then I got kind of vain and started taking lots of pictures of myself, most of them not very good but I know have few that I can use on here or on Facebook/Twitter as an alternative. I’m sure I’m not the only person who does this for profile pictures but that is the great thing about digital cameras. Take 100 pictures, delete 90% of them and use 1% for your profile picture. Gone are the days of taking pictures and waiting for the film to finish before getting them developed, only to be disappointed with them. Also, for some reason with printed photos I have a tenacity to keep them forever while with digital photos I will happily delete the rubbish ones.

Obviously I can’t really write very girlie posts as I’m now writing about photography! I had an idea a few months ago to hang some pictures of my family in the hallway. All the pictures will be black and white and I’m hoping to source some black frames. I’m starting with my grandparents as my mum has a few pictures of their weddings – great 1930/40s pictures full of history followed by my own parents wedding photos. Unfortunately my mum told me that they don’t have many photos of themselves apart from the wedding photos but I’m sure there must be some of them from the 70s. I’m hoping there is one of my dad in his mini cooper (before he wrapped it around a lamp post) or on his moped. Then there is one of me and my younger brother when we were little – I must have been about six and my brother about two. Both of us looking very angelic with stripy knitted jumpers. I’ve just got to get these digitise and reprinted and the photos should transform a blank white wall. There are a few other photos that I can remember really well from my childhood (the days of Polaroids!) and they hold very fond memories for me. Nowadays, people have hundreds of photos to choose from if they were doing this all thanks to digital cameras – just were would you start. Also, I wonder in twenty years time if young adults would have fond memories of certain childhood photos – or because of digital photo frames and a high turnaround of photos that they wouldn’t be able to pick one out as a favourite.

White Jeans