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photo opportunity

A bit of fun photography. The camera was sitting on the table during breakfast and I just pressed down the button. Viola! A blurred photo of butter & a tea cup through my sunglasses. Random, I know, but I like random photos.

The cookbooks – Photo of the day #2

Jamie Oliver at the heart of my cookbooks. Funnily enough, my husband had been given the Jamie books as Christmas presents and he has never used them. I’m one of those cooks that has to follow a recipe so since I have been cooking all the dinners I’ve been spending a many of a moment looking through these. The two cookbooks that I use the most (and purchased myself) are the River Cottage Everyday and How to be a domestic goddess by Nigella Lawson.

Photo Saturday

I’m cheating again with some photos and no writing. Lots of things to write about but it is too warm and late to function my brain and fingers correctly to actually write anything.

First veg box from Riverford

Wonderful compostable packaging (the box and the one plastic bag is returned to be used again)

The groovy 60s sideboard in the middle of a clean (notice one end is bright and clean, the other end not so)

Smile for the camera

Photo Thursday

Some photos that I took today in the garden. Keeping it real on this blog (and loading up some photos is quick and easy).

Photo of the day

I had an idea that if I can’t think of anything to write about then I would upload a photo and the write about it. So, here is “Photo of the day #1” – Red anemones in red bottle.

I needed a bit of colour in the kitchen and not really having a real windowsill for lots of flowers I can only have a few flowers in a small bottle or jar. I bought a small bunch of anemones and narcissus from the local supermarket and found this red bottle (borrowed from a restaurant, though I did buy the water in it) that was just perfect for a couple of the red anemones. A bit of bright colour on a rainy day and yes, I know my windows need cleaning.

Photo Thursday

I had to really think what day of the week it was – one problem with working at home I lose track of the days. However, that does mean it is Friday tomorrow – yippee! Here are some photos to past the time.

Birthday fabrics

More pots to go with the small yellow pot (which is now filled with ground ginger)

Books and notebooks

Getting ready for some sewing - about time too!

A friend and I on holiday in the early 90s (yes, I have a new scanner)

Photo Saturday

More jars for jams and chutneys

Worm food and lots of pickled onions

This seasons hat and gloves

New haircut