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Never Ending Winter

I don’t mind winter. I prefer the cold weather to the hot weather. If the news is anything to go by then we seem to be going through a mini ice age. “It is snowing in March!” the news commentators are saying. Yes, so? I’m sure it has snowed in March before. Even in April. There isn’t much we can do about it – when someone can control the weather then it will be the end of the world. The main issue I have with winter is dry skin especially my hands. No matter how much I moisturize them they still end up looking like old lady hands. Another sign of getting old. I still remember that advert from the 80s where a lady would moisturize a dried-up brown leaf and magically the leaf would be soft and supple again. I doubt that the hand cream ever worked like that.

This cold snap seems to be here for a while and I’m embracing it. Today’s walk with the dog was really pleasant – the sun even tried to break through the dense clouds adding a slight warmth. Nature is trying to break through winter with buds on trees and the birds are starting to build nests. Nature will always win with the weather, whatever happens, whereas us humans just moan about it. Or should I say the press/news readers want us to moan about it with their propaganda reports.

Blimey, I’m moaning. Sorry about that. As I’m trying to get back in to writing I’m going to try more happy, positive notes. *smiley face*

Feeling hot hot hot

I definitely picked the right summer to take some time off – it has been hot, then warm and then hot again for weeks now. I can only think of a few days in early June when it was a cold, we are talking jumper-wearing cold. Rain? What’s that? Now, all I long for is for some normal English summer weather. A nice sunny day in the early 20s and chilly at night instead of late 20s or 30 degrees during the day with late teens at night. It hasn’t been like this for years. The poor puppy doesn’t know what to do with herself, wearing a fur coat is tiring her out. I actually said today that I wanted to go back to working in an air-conditioned office so I can feel cool during the day.

Enough of the weather, let me talk about my unproductive week instead. I did too much thinking and not enough doing this week. No bread making, no cake making, not much reading (books made from trees, online reading was great), no drawing, no sewing, no emails, and not much writing. Also, I had some work to do that I have been procrastinating on for weeks now and I had so planned to finish it off this week. Guess what? I didn’t finish it. Oh dear. Next week should be a better week. Happy Friday everyone!


It is cold outside! I don’t really have anything interesting to say tonight except about the weather. I am a typical British person who likes to talk about the weather at any given opportunity. After what seems like three months of mild autumn weather it has suddenly turned cold – very cold. It’s that northern cold wind that makes it cold. I’m just not prepared for it – toes and fingers going numb. It’s time to sort my winter wardrobe out and buy some winter shoes for work, preferably waterproof ones.

I’m okay for winter coats as I got my nice navy military style coat that I purchased last year but it seems that I might need some new jeans, skirts and long-sleeved tops for work. I might have to do some more online shopping but buying clothes online always seems risky to me. I need to try clothes on before buying. I think I will stick to the few shops that are near work – from cheap H&M, medium priced French Connection and high priced Ted Baker. Hmmm, shopping near Christmas – maybe I should wait until the sales in January. No I won’t do that as I hate the sales – shopping this side of Christmas it is.