Still trying to “walk tall”

Over the past couple of days I’ve been trying to “walk tall” – basically to stop myself turning into the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I’m sure I’ve written about this before, sorry about that but it was bound to happen one day. Being short all my life – nowadays I have friends who are the same height as me but I still think of myself as short – and shy, I kept my head down while walking so not to atract any attention when I was younger. If I wasn’t so shy maybe I would have walked more upright and not having to deal with it now. Or if I had walked tall while I was young would I have had more confidence then and now?

I’m not going to delve on the past, as much as I like to, so now I have to deal with my walking tall issue. Thing is, it is quite easy for me to forget to walk tall. It is normally when I see myself in the mirror sideways and I see my rounded shoulders or if I see an old person walking so hunched over that they are looking at the floor all the time, that I remember. The past two days I’ve been trying to remember to walk tall and sit up while sitting at my desk. Carrying my laptop to work today didn’t help but I did leave War & Peace at home, which weighs pretty much the same as the Mac. All I need are some reminders to keep me walking tall – maybe I should carry some pictures of the Hunchback around with me.


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